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On Oct 24, 2017, Davoud wrote
(in article<>):

> Savageduck:
> > Due to your role as a beta tester, I am hoping you can provide some insight
> > as to a few of the new Lightroom CC quirks. I will ask a question or two as
> > I work through your reply to Tony.

Thank you for a decent, rational response.

> Davoud:
> > > Even so, I don't yet have a complete handle on how I will use the two
> > > new apps together. I know how they work, learned some of Adobe's
> > > thinking, even accepted the mistake Adobe made in naming the apps, but
> > > I haven't settled on a personal workflow.
> > That is my dilemma, and after looking at this interview, I suspect that
> > Adobe never intended for Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC to work together,
> That video was the first I heard that they weren't meant to be used together.
> Anything in Classic can be synced to CC and appear in the cloud. Everything
> in CC appears in Classic. The two applications can run simultaneously on your
> Mac. But they're not meant to be used together. Go figure.

There seems to be a disconnect, and a little confusion at all levels, both at 
Adobe, and out in the wild among the current, and potential users.

> > I am trying to be fair, and intend to give it a good workout, but I have my
> > original LR C CC/PS CC + Mobile apps workflow as a very imbedded, and for
> > me, reflexive process. Due to that there is much I am not comfortable with when
> > working with new Lightroom CC, both as a desktop, and on my iPad Pro.
> It's hard to argue against non-life-threatening personal preferences.
> > Lightroom CC on my 10.5” 512GB iPad Pro is somewhat different to the older
> > Lightroom Mobile, but I have figured out many of the editing features
> > including getting the selective editing to work to my expectations.
> > I have several issues with regard to the LR CC storage which you might be
> > able to resolve for me.
> > As a subscriber, and user of the Classic Adobe CC Cloud storage I am
> > familiar with having access to the Web interface, and the desktop Creative Cloud
> > Files folder. Now that I am testing Lightroom CC, and have imported several RAW
> > image files I can find no way to manage those files in the way that was
> > possible before. No web access, and no Lightroom CC files folder. The test
> > RAW files are not shown in my CC File storage.
> > Are there equivalent Lightroom CC Cloud file folders, or web access to
> > manage that storage?
> Not understanding that. Firstly, there is only one cloud; whether the photos
> got there by manually syncing Lightroom Classic or automatically from
> Lightroom CC or the mobile app, they're available in all three apps. You can
> edit and delete photos from the cloud using CC or the mobile app. For your
> protection, however, photos deleted from the cloud will not be deleted from
> the Classic app; they remain on your HD.

I understand that there is only one Creative Cloud. However, it seems that 
for the purposes of this trial offer for PP subscribers, we have our PP 20GB 
CC storage which I have been using since 2014, and a separate “hidden” 
20GB of upgradeable Lightroom CC storage which can only be managed through LR 

> > Not all of the Lightroom CC users are going to have a laptop to use when
> > travelling, or even access to a desktop, just mobile devices.
> And that's where CC for mobile comes in.
> > My old Mac laptops, a 17” G4, and a 17” MBP are beyond supporting
> > current Adobe products,I don’t have plans to buy a new laptop, a new desktop Mac,
> > yes, new lenses, yes, but not a new MBP. So my travel computing are my
> > iPhone and my iPad Pro. Unfortunately neither one of those will permit direct
> > import of RAW files when using the Apple Camera Kit, or WiFi from my cameras. I can
> > import JPEGs to the camera roll, and those are still auto imported to LR CC
> > (mobile) and synced with my desktop, now LR Classic CC (would that be LR-C
> > CC?) all without issue.
> I have a 17" MBP from April 2012 that can run the new Adobe CC apps well
> enough!

My 17” MBP is of 2008 vintage. It is running a 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo, with 
4GB of DDR3, 500GB HDD, and it can go no further than OS X 10.5.8.

It runs PS CS5 and LR 2 (version 2.7).

> > I can only import RAW files into new desktop/laptop LR CC with corresponding
> > Smart Previews showing in my iPad for editing. So when on a road trip I have
> > no way to move RAW files to the Lightroom CC cloud storage, and I am left
> > with doing things the way I always have. That throws a wrench into the
> > concept of storing all originals in the Lightroom CC Cloud.
> I'm not sure I get that. I just did all of the following to reconfirm: put an
> SD card into the iPad Pro adapter, imported a Canon raw photo to Camera Roll
> (no direct import to Lr that I can discern, unfortunately), imported the
> photo into Lightroom CC for iOS. Raw is preserved. Moments later the raw
> photo was in Lightroom Classic CC and in Lightroom CC on my iMac, still in
> raw format. Editing the raw in Lightroom Classic CC or in Lightroom CC on the
> Mac or iPad writes the changes to the cloud in text format. The changes stay
> with the raw file and are applied in Lightroom Classic as well. The changes
> are non-destructive, however; to make them real, open the file in Photoshop
> and save as a tiff or what-have-you.

I have just checked that again. I am currently using a Fujifilm X-T2 and 
X-E2. The X-E2 RAF files show for import without issue. So the X-E2 is OK.
However, the X-T2 RAF file previews do not show in the Camera Roll, but do 
sync to LR CC. This is workable, but makes the selection of individual X-T2 
RAF files practically impossible. At best a workaround kludge which is time 
consuming, or a blind import of all the X-T2 RAF files. The X-T2 does not 
appear to be supported by iOS11, this is annoying considering the X-T2 was 
released in April 2016. I shoot RAF+JPEG with RAF going to SD card slot #1, 
and JPEGs to SD slot #2.

Here is what the connected X-T2 SD card screen looks like. The visible 
preview is an in-camera processed jpeg.

This is what the X-T2 RAF looks like in the Camera Roll.

....and here is the succesfully synced X-T2 RAF in LR CC.
> > I can see that I am probably going to have to use my ColorSpace UDMA for RAW
> > backup on-the-road, and the old mobile system for on-the-road editing and
> > sharing. That leaves RAW import into LR-C CC as something to do when I get
> > home.
> Again, if you have sufficient bandwidth you can have those raws waiting for
> you in Lightroom Classic CC when you get home.

I should have sufficient bandwidth to make the Tx/sync when at the on the 
road homebase/residence/(h)(m)otel for RAW files. Otherwise, the purchased 
broadband should be sufficient for JPEG sync, leaving the RAFs for home.
> > > Yes, the Photography Plan includes only 20GB of cloud space and the
> > > full plan includes 100GB. That's not a lot for people whose libraries
> > > run to terabytes. Even me, an amateur with a terabyte library.
> > > Additional space may be rented with the plan, up to 10GB, I believe it
> > > is. The full plan with the stock 100GB is $50 per month. With 2 TB it's
> > > $70 per month and with 10TB it's $150. The Photography Plan is $30 for
> > > 2TB, $110 for 10TB.
> > Does that 2TB for $30 include the cost of the basic Photography Plan?
> Yes, the whole shebang, apps and cloud space. To see for yourself, log in to
> your account at, select Manage account, select Manage plan, then
> select Switch plan. Then you will see the options. The Photography Plan is
> the first item on the menu, or use the arrows to see the options for other
> subscription type. Under the prospective plan select the amount of storage
> you want in order to see pricing for various amounts of storage, from one to
> 10 TB.

> > I am more inclined to rent additional original plan storage.
> If you're going to do that, i.e., if you are going to put more into the cloud
> via Lightroom Classic CC, you *might* want to give further consideration to
> how you could use Lightroom CC to optimize your use of the images in the
> cloud.

OK! I am still in test mode, so I will see how that works out.
> > > My advice: play with Lightroom CC, learn if it fits into your workflow.
> > > Don't give up on it after the first hour. If it's not for you, you
> > > haven't lost anything. Watch and see what it becomes in future. There's
> > > always the possibility that it will become nothing at all, if users are
> > > not ready for the cloud!
> > That is exactly what I am doing, and I intend to continue testing it.
> > However, for now I just cannot see myself clear to fully adopt, or even
> > integrate Lightroom CC into my workflow.
> > ...but I am not going to throw it out just yet.
> It might sound like I'm talking up, or shilling for, Lightroom CC. The
> reality is that I do not know if it will be useful for me or not. At this
> instant in time it is a solution seeking a problem. Tomorrow it could be
> essential to me.

That is what I feel right know. I have my current preference for the original 
workflow, but I don’t want to completely reject LR CC now, only to find 
later that it is going to be a useful tool.