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Savageduck <savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}> wrote:

> > > That is the real solution, but I really wouldn1t get much use out of a
> > > laptop these days. So it is the iPad Pro and a new desktop Mac for me. The
> > > steam driven MBP remains charged and used occassionally when the need, or
> > > inclination arises.
> >
> > it's still worth updating the os, which is free
> I am not sure where my 10.6 disc is, I will have to dig it up as that is a 
> minimum requirement for 10.7 &  10.8. My iMac update path leaped from 10.6 SL 
> to 10.9 Mavericks. So I have downloads of 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, &  10.12.6. I 
> have yet to move to High Sierra on my iMac.

10.6 is only a minimum requirement because you need to be able to
access the app store in order to download 10.7 and later.

since you can access the app store from your imac and have already
downloaded the installers, you don't actually need 10.6.

however, 10.5->10.11 is too big of a jump for migration assistant, so
unless you want to wipe and start over (which you most likely do not),
you'll need to migrate to something in between, such as 10.8 or 10.9,
and then migrate from that to .11. 

> > as for putting money into it, an ssd is the best bang for the buck and
> > will be a huge boost in performance.
> >
> > a 512 gig ssd is around $100ish these days, which is the same capacity
> > as what's in there now. 256 gig would be slightly less but not enough
> > less to justify the lower capacity.
> It is something to consider as an upgrade project for the old MBP, but for 
> now when I compare the 17