From: newshound <>
Subject: Re: Scanning 35mm negs and slides
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Subject: Re: Scanning 35mm negs and slides
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On 24/10/2017 20:33, Alan Browne wrote:
> On 2017-10-24 09:26, newshound wrote:
>> I have an ancient (and almost unused) Dimage Scan Dual IV which I 
>> believe was well rated in its day. Is it still worth taking the 
>> trouble to try to get it working on Win 10 (I also have a Macbook Pro 
>> and a Unix box)? No current drivers from Minolta/Konica I understand, 
>> should I invest in VueScan, or something else?
>> Or would it be easier just to buy something more recent? Not looking 
>> to spend "professional" money, but not bargain basement either.
> I'd get it up and running, but I'm funny that way.  That scanner was a 
> late model, the last from Minolta being the 5400 (and 5400 II).  I had 
> the 5400 and it was excellent.  (Sold it and bought a Nikon 9000ED).
> Is VueScan worth it?  Sure.  Currently it's about US$90.  Question is: 
> can you get equivalent (or better) scans of the photos of interest for 
> less cost (and hassle).

Thanks both for the advice on VueScan. I've been burned before with 
trialware that has great reviews on-line, takes an age to get setup and 
working, turns out to have the feature I wanted to test crippled, and 
only then declares its true cost.

I'll give it a try.