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On Oct 25, 2017, Tony Cooper wrote
(in article<>):

> DxO has purchased NIK and will continue development.
> velopment/?mc_cid=54bcc5e002&mc_eid=b307a66a15

I believe that with this move, and what is happening with many of the various 
plugin, and Adobe alternative developers, 2018 is going to be an interesting 
year. 2018 is going to be the year of the race to provide the photography 
world a standalone DAM replacement for LR6, and there are going to be so many 
contendors it is going to look like a presidential primary.

As far as NIK truly rising from the dead as a set of image enhancement tools, 
DxO will have to deliver a worthy update/upgrade to surpass what other 
developers in the field have done since Google pulled the development plug. 
In my case, various pieces of the NIK Collection are seldom used today.I will 
watch to see what happens to NIK with a French accent, and I will test it, 
but for the most part I have moved on.

ColorEfex has been surpassed by On1, Exposure X3, and Luminar.

Viveza cannot match Luminar, or current editions of On1 Photo RAW.

Silver Efex Pro has been out done by Exposure X3, Luminar, Tonality, and On1 
(&  I suspect the Topaz stuff).

HDR Efex Pro was once a benchmark, but no longer. Adobe does a better job 
today with LR-C CC and ACR, but the current best HDR software is 
MacPhun’s(Skylum) Aurora HDR 2018.

AnalogPro never even got to the level of Exposure X, X2, or X3.

....and Define has been left in the shade by MacPhun’s (soon to be SkyLume) 
Noiseless CK and Luminar.