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On Oct 26, 2017, PeterN wrote
(in article<>):

> On 10/25/2017 12:55 PM, Savageduck wrote:
> > On Oct 25, 2017, PeterN wrote
> > (in article<>):
> >
> > > I use Lightroom CC Classic and Photoshop CC.
> > > I send images to various people and competitions. Before I send the
> > > image I place it in a dedicated folder. Sometimes, while reviewing the
> > > images, I see something that should be changed. If it is a JPEG image I
> > > go back to the original, make the change, then make requisite size and
> > > color space changes, and re-save. All of that takes a lot of time. Does
> > > anyone know how to directly save the change using only LR? I don't want
> > > to do this on JPEG files, but only on tiff.
> >
> > How are you sending the images, individual, or a folder of images, Dropbox,
> > or Adobe CC?
> >
> > One way to make the change adjustment to any image file. JPEG, PSD, TIFF,
> > when using LR is to use the export dialog. Using my method you can readjust
> > JPEGs without degradation.
> >
> > I usually start with a virtual copy in Lightroom and make the
> > edits/adjustments. When I think the image is ready for export, I go to the
> > export dialog where I have presets for various cloud services such as
> > Dropbox, or Adobe CC. I might have a Dropbox “DEMO” folder, or an Adobe
> > “Project x” folder, and I can designate sub-folders if I need them. I
> > can
> > export adjusted originals, resized, or in the case of JPEGs, resized, and
> > comprerssion level.
> >
> > <>
> >
> > If I find that the edited image exported to DB, or Adobe CC needs further
> > adjustment, I just go to Lightroom and make the new adjustments to the LR
> > virtual copy. I then re-export without changing the export file name. A
> > dialog/warning window will open advising that the file name already exists.
> > You will be given several options; Overwrite, which will overwrite and
> > replace the existing TIFF/JPEG ; Skip to skip the existing file; “Use
> > Unique Names” which will add a number to the file name giving you two
> > copies in the export location.
> Thanks.
> Some of the time the adjustment can easily be fixed in LR, and sometimes
> the adjustment can only be done in PS. I think you answered my issue for
> JPEG. If I have a JPEG in my LR collection that has been previously
> exported, since later adjustments will be to the LR copy, and not the
> exported JPEG, it will not cause further degradation.
> Is my understanding correct?

That is correct. However, you shouldn’t have an LR JPEG copy anyway, you 
don’t need it. Unless you are using Instagram.

Also, if you have made additional edits using PS as an external editor for LR 
you should remember to not merge, or flatten layers or use “Save as”. 
When you have reached the point you wish to return the work to LR just 
“Save”. That way the PS layers are retained in LR, and that layered copy 
can be exported in as any file type you choose in the Export dialog. The LR 
Export function will take care of any conversion to JPEG you don’t have to 
do that in PS with a “Save as”. I don’t usually have JPEGs in LR. If I 
want to do further LR adustments before export I just make a Virtual copy of 
the returned PS edited file and edit that.

So, if your NEF in LR has been made into a Virtual Copy for LR adustment, and 
then sent to PS for advanced edits after those LR adjustments are made. All 
you do is complete your PS work without conversion to JPEG in PS and “Save 
as” just “Save”. Now if it doesn’t matter what the exported file is, 
you do not have the JPEG in LR, it only exists in the export location, and 
that might be in Dropbox, or Adobe CC, or wherever.

If you need to adjust the exported file regardless of type you have options 
to make minor adjustments in LR to the file you exported, and then re-export 
to overwrite the file at the export location, or you can go to the file that 
has been returned to LR and return it to PS by choosing “Edit in PS” and 
in the option dialog select “Edit Original”. That way it will open in PS 
with all the layers intact, ready for you to do whatever evil you care to. 
“Save” once again, and the adjustments will show in the LR version which 
is now ready to re-export to overwrite whatever is in the export location.

....and you still have no JPEG in LR, just the export location.