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From: philo <>
Subject: Re: Scanner problem : Never mind
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From: philo <>
Subject: Re: Scanner problem : Never mind
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2017 08:16:07 -0500
Organization: A noiseless patient Spider
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On 10/26/2017 08:14 AM, Dimitris Tzortzakakis wrote:
> Στις 25/10/2017 8:39 μμ, ο philo έγραψε:
>>> Thanks
>> I have another scanner, Nikon Coolscan 4000
>> Blue lines are in exactly the same place so the problem is with the 
>> slides themselves.
>> At least my Epson got a good cleaning
> are they in glass holders?glass holders can do that (newton lines I 
> think they're called) if there's some light interference.better clean 
> them and try glassless holders, just for the scanning!mine have terrible 
> debris and dust, after sitting for almost 25 years in a closed slide tray.

They are not in glass holders.

The blue lines are fixable in Photoshop, my main worry is that my 
scanner was defective