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From: Noons <>
Subject: Re: The police pulled me over
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From: Noons <>
Subject: Re: The police pulled me over
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2017 23:36:23 +1100
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On 24/10/2017 8:04 @wiz, judymartin72980@hot.mail wrote:
> On Tue, 24 Oct 2017 00:40:00 -0700, Savageduck
> <savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}> wrote:
>> On Oct 24, 2017, Noons wrote
>> (in article <osmoqj$mo9$>):
>>> On 23/10/2017 6:24 @wiz, judymartin72980@hot.mail wrote:
>>>> The police pulled me over. The cop said he wanted to see my drivers
>>>> license. I took his picture and told him I was going to send it to
>>>> facebook and have the FBI check to see if he is a real police officer.
>>>> Again, he asked for my drivers license. I told him that until I was sure
>>>> he was a real cop, I was not going to show him anything. I told him that
>>>> he was hasrassing me because I am blond. Thats when he got a call on his
>>>> radio and he said he had to go take care of something. After telling me
>>>> to slow down, he left.
>>>> I'm home now, and I'm still waiting for facebook to tell me if he is a
>>>> real cop. But I'm still puzzled about something. What is a drivers
>>>> license, and where can I buy one?
>>>> Judy
>>> Awesome! Thanks for the good laugh! :D
>>> Reminded me of a lady on the bus I return home in, last Friday.
>>> She was talking in a loud voice to a youn fella about how we were
>>> definitely in the end-of-days, with all that "Trump and Korea stuff".
>>> And how the Revelations book of every Bible(!???) aleerted to it.
>>> And (while pulling up her smart(?)phone) how she had googled it all and
>>> found it was true and about to happen!
>>> When I got to my stop, I and two other guys near her got up and left,
>>> very very fast! :D
>>> But not without first thanking her for the great entertainment!
>> Aah! Lady on bus stories, there are so many. These two for example:
>> A woman gets on a bus, and with her she has three sets of twins. The bus
>> driver looks at her in amazment, and asks; “Good grief lady, do you always
>> have twins?” to which she answers; “Heavens no! Hundreds of times we have
>> nothing.”
>> Then there was the woman who boarded a crowded, standing room only bus. She
>> turns to a man occupying one of the filled seats, and says; “would you give
>> up your seat for a pregnant lady?” The man surrenders his seat to the
>> woman, and as the ride moves on, he looks down at her and can see no visible
>> signs of preganancy. So he asks her, “Excuse me, but how long have you been
>> pregnant?” To which she answers, “Oh, about 15 minutes, you have no idea
>> how tired I am."
> That's funny.....
> ---
> This is an oldie, but it's still funny.
> An elderly lady is riding the bus, when a dog runs out in front of the
> bus. The driver slams on the brakes, and the lady's purse flies off the
> seat and dumps all over the floor. She begins gathering all the stuff
> from her purse, carefully checking to make sure nothing is missing.
> That's when she notices her bottle of aspirins has spilled all over the
> floor. She gets very upset, and starts yelling "My aspirins, my
> aspirins, my aspirins".......
> The bus driver turns around and says, "lady, if your ass burns that bad,
> hang it out the window".....

Hehehe! Thanks for the laughs, everyone!