From: Davoud <>
Subject: Re: A lightroom question
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From: Davoud <>
Subject: Re: A lightroom question
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2017 13:12:26 -0400
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PeterN wrote:
> > I use Lightroom CC Classic and Photoshop CC.
> > I send images to various people and competitions. Before I send the 
> > image I place it in a dedicated folder. Sometimes, while reviewing the 
> > images, I see something that should be changed. If it is a JPEG image I 
> > go back to the original, make the change, then make requisite size and 
> > color space changes, and re-save. All of that takes a lot of time. Does 
> > anyone know how to directly save the change using only LR? I don't want 
> > to do this on JPEG files, but only on tiff.<> wrote: 
> I don't quite follow your workflow. In LightRoom, select the picture(s) of
> interest, go to File, Export, choose a folder, specify size, file format, and
> color space. 
> You can create a preset for a combination you use frequently.

Correct answer. Especially note the preset.

I agree with almost everything that you have said and almost everything that
you will say in your entire life.

usenet *at* davidillig dawt cawm