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From: Rich A <>
Subject: Re: Telescopes slowly insinuating their way into mainstream photography
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Subject: Re: Telescopes slowly insinuating their way into mainstream photography
From: Rich A <>
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On Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 11:32:53 AM UTC-4, occam wrote:
> On 24/10/2017 07:33, Rich A wrote:
> > It's probably a side-effect of all the Milky Way photography people have been doing.  But it's
interesting that people might try these devices as extra-long telephotos.  They'll never replace
telephoto camera lenses, but if people understand how to use them (there are rules) they can get
some utility out of them.  A long time ago, a Japanese photog used a 3900mm telescope (f/10) for
doing photography, but it wasn't exactly mainstream.
> > 
> Not exactly the same thing, but you are aware that there are currently
> binoculars with built-in cameras?
> I do not see why this should not be extended to telescopes. Specifically
> built with image capture in mind.

People like the ability to use telescopes visually as well, which means incorporating a sensor more
difficult/costly.  But it could be done.  The binos that currently have digital images are really
junk with small sensors in them.  They've actually existed since the film days.  Also, telescopes of
quality last longer than the people who own them, but sensors change every 18 months or so and you'd
be stuck with a telescope with a sub-par sensor after a few years.