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On 10/26/2017 6:04 PM, Savageduck wrote:


> All of the plugin functions can be done in PS without the plugins, but that
> is a royal PIA. There is a reason many of us Pro and enthusiast are willing
> to pay for those plugins. Some of us paid for the NIK apps before they were
> free, and when they were among the best at what they do. As I have said, to
> day there are better and folks are willing to pay for them.
Since I have not used many of them, I indicated I don't know whether one 
is better than the other. My only comment is that they are better for 
you, use them. For what I like to do, I use Painter XVII, and Painter 
Essentials, in addition to other plugins. The ones I have seem to work 
for me. I also like to play with the various built in tools. But that is 
my preference. Others feel differently.