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From: android <here@there.was>
Subject: Re: Sony the Star Killer!
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From: android <here@there.was>
Subject: Re: Sony the Star Killer!
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2017 07:57:46 +0200
Organization: the center
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> eras-astrophotography/

There is a petition out there for those interested:



It seem to be an early unit and corrected in later problem. Should be 
fixable in firmware for all though. From the petition:

"This noise reduction algorithm, also called spatial filtering or “star 
eater” appeared in the early versions of these cameras for exposures 
shot in Bulb mode, from 30 seconds and above, and impacts the raw files. 
The spatial filtering is designed to reduce noise in photos, 
particularly hot pixels. Unfortunately, the filtering algorithm Sony is 
using easily mistakes sharp pinpoint stars for noise, deleting them from 
the image, greatly reducing their brightness and altering their colour, 
hence its “star eater” nickname."
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