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On 10/27/17 10:20 AM, Davoud wrote:
> As for steam engines, I hear that Trump is promising to bring back the
> coal-fired locomotive.

There are probably plenty of railroads today, that remain 

No, they may not be using steam engines.

Instead, they use modern electric locomotives running on 
electricity generated in coal-burning power plants.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of China's newest high-speed 
trains (they have a growing number of them) are 
"coal-powered" ...

And someday, perhaps hundreds of years in the future, when 
the oil has run out, when the natural gas has run out, when 
nuclear power plants are but a faint memory in history, the 
coal will still be there. Just dig it up, put it in the 
locomotive tender, add water, and the trains will run that 
way again...  ;)