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Just happened across this at breakfast. It repeats
again at 3:30 PM EDT, if anyone's curious. The whole
thing may also be available online:


Eye on the Sixties: The Iconic Photography of Rowland Scherman
Famed LIFE magazine photojournalist Rowland Scherman captured some of the 
most transformational political, cultural and musical events of the 1960s - 
from the March on Washington to the first American Beatles concert to Robert 
F. Kennedy's ill-fated presidential campaign to Woodstock. At the sites of 
some of his most famous photos, Scherman reveals candid and insightful 
anecdotes from his storied career, reflects on his life and his legacy, and 
muses about his medium's relevance in the digital age, and the passage of 
time. Scherman also shares seldom-seen images of politicians and celebrities 
of the 1960s, including President Lyndon Johnson, Special Olympics founder 
Eunice Shriver, folk sensations Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins, tennis great 
Arthur Ashe, TV journalism pioneer Barbara Walters, a young Bob Dylan, and 
JFK with the very first Peace Corps volunteers of 1961. The program also 
features interviews with singer Judy Collins and legendary LIFE magazine 
journalist Richard B. Stolley.