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Subject: Re: Weird Picasa bug (only affects Lexmark printers?)
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Subject: Re: Weird Picasa bug (only affects Lexmark printers?)
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On Friday, October 27, 2017 at 11:00:20 AM UTC-4, newshound wrote:
> I guess the serious posters here don't use Picasa, but thought it might 
> interest some lurkers or future searchers.
> I use Picasa as a cheap and cheerful filing system that provides simple 
> basic editing (mostly I only need cropping and straightening).
> I also write technical reports containing photographs of broken bits of 
> industrial plant, using Word. To keep the final file size down I tend to 
> use the Picasa "export" function to downsize the images to 1024 pixels. 
> (I know I could downsize further without affecting the printed report, 
> but this lets people pull reasonable images out of the Word file later 
> if they want to).
> My reports look fine on screen (including print preview) and print 
> perfectly on a mono Laserjet and a Brother inkjet. But I use a Lexmark 
> (CS410dn) if I want hard copies. And these exported JPEGs, when inserted 
> into Word, don't then print correctly on the Lexmark, they print in the 
> correct sized frame on the paper but the image part is enlarged, showing 
> only the top left hand corner of the image, and cropping the rest.
> After much trial and error, I've found it is the Picasa Export which 
> causes the problem. If you open and then save the JPEG in Paint 
> (overwriting the original file) the problem goes away.
> (I just had to tell someone).
Picasa has  one great advantage that is seldom discussed. It makes new copies of the photos on the
hard drive, and so you can ruin the Picasa copy and still have the original untouched image on the
hard drive.

Also, it is (was) free. I put a copy onto a CD-R after the program was discontinued. 

For sharpening, cropping, color correcting, straightening,and simple retouching, it is just fine. It
can also e-mail images,and burn them to CD-R.

Mort Linder