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Subject: Re: Sony Alfa 7RIII Samples
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In article<>, android 
> are up at the DPR. Here you also get a freebie opportunity to study 
> colored contacts in the wild close up in a high res still capture there 
> the the optical illusion can be observed. Use the loop tool:
> <
> -photos/0699655181>

Some of these shots (the static scene ones) which were taken at ISO 
3200-12800 could have been taken with the Olympus E-M1 II at lowest ISO 
(200), primarily by making use of its outstanding stabilisation (and 
also the fact that you can shoot at larger apertures and still get the 
same DOF).

Some examples:
Alfred Molon

Olympus E-series DSLRs and micro 4/3 forum at photo sharing site