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On Sun, 29 Oct 2017 00:48:57 -0400, nospam<nospam@nospam.invalid>

>In article<>, Tony Cooper
><> wrote:
>> >>>>>>>> It looks as though a giant wall is about to descend on the ball
>> >>>>>>>> carrier.
>> >>>>>>>
>> >>>>>>> no it doesn't.
>> >>>>>>
>> >>>>>> What do you think those guys are doing in the left of the photograph?
>> >>>>>
>> >>>>> playing football.
>> >>>>>
>> >>>>> the wall is in the background, unaffected by those guys or anyone else
>> >>>>> for that matter.
>> >>>>
>> >>>> Duh!
>> >>>>
>> >>>> The wall that is about to descend is composed of the players on the
>> >>>> left of the image. The game is Rugby.
>> >>>
>> >>> that's not a wall.
>> >> 
>> >> It is a figurative wall much like a gridiron scrimmage line could be
>> >> considered a figurative wall, not a literal brick wall.
>> >> You are being a bit too obtuse in pressing your POV.
>> >
>> >Is obtuse the correct word?
>> Well, he is being obtuse in that he doesn't show any sign of
>> understanding the metaphorical use of "wall".  
>now i do, but not when he initially said 'a giant wall is about to
>not everyone plays rugby and knows what the terminology is.

It's got nothing especially to do with rugby. Tony got it right.
>> Anyone should be quite familiar with that type of use.  We speak of a
>> wall of water in a flash flood or tidal wave, a wall of obstruction by
>> the opposing political party, a "Chinese wall" where information
>> deliberately isn't shared, long distance runners hitting the wall, and
>> many other types of walls that are not physical constructions.
>he used the word wall without a descriptor ('a wall is about to
>descend'), versus your examples (wall of water, chinese wall).
>you bash me for not being clear (even when what i write is clear as can
>be) yet you give a free pass when others are not.

I thought that even you would understand what I was referring to after
a single glimpse of the picture.
>> You might also say he's being excessively literal in ignoring that the
>> word "wall" can be used metaphorically or allegorically (a symbolic
>> representation).  
>> But, I would think that Eric would know by now that nospam enters
>> threads with the sole intent to argue based on a pathetic need to be
>> noticed and paid attention to.  Any response to nospam gets a response
>> from nospam, so he is always the last to comment on anything.  He'll
>> keep anything going to maintain face time here.
>absolute utter nonsense. 
>you are *delusional* if you think that. 
>your post here is nothing more than an opportunity to bash and the
>*only* reason you posted what you did. 
>your other posts completely twist what i say just to argue, including
>when you know absolutely nothing about the topic, as was the case with
>the dcc subthread, showing just how incredibly stupid you really are.


Eric Stevens