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From: RichA <rander3128@gmail.com>
Subject: Seagate 3TB hard drive class action lawsuits
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Subject: Seagate 3TB hard drive class action lawsuits
From: RichA <rander3128@gmail.com>
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Apparently, their failure rate is something like 32%?!  Not sure if it's that bad but it must be
high.  Reason I mention it is I have a failed 3TB drive.  Luckily, anything I had on it was
backed-up elsewhere and I didn't use it much but it kicked the bucket after less than 1.5 years. 
What it appears happened was that instead of using five platters in the drive, they used 3 at 1TB
each.  Something went wrong.

Lawsuits are in the U.S. and Canada.