From: Tim Watts <>
Subject: Re: Lightroom CC
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From: Tim Watts <>
Subject: Re: Lightroom CC
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2017 17:15:15 +0000
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On 29/10/17 15:17, Tony Cooper wrote:
> On Sun, 29 Oct 2017 10:33:39 +0000, Tim Watts<>
> wrote:
>> On a tangent, but under the same topic:
>> I just had a very quick play with Lightroom Web.
>> It's looking rather promising. I imported some photos (jpg and Lumix RAW).
>> I'm stuck in how to get a 1:1 preview to check focus, but other aspects
>> are looking good. Being able to basically organise stuff and have
>> instant access via the web and LR Mobile is cool.
>> The editing facilities are pretty cool for a web app too.
>> This is from someone who uses Linux and does not have the facilities to
>> run LR Classic well (Windows on a VM is painful).
>> My only concerns (apart from not being able to find out how to do a 1:1)
>> are:
> Evidently, the entire workspace of LR CC is not visible on your
> screen.  At the bottom right of the workspace there is "Fit Fill 1:1"
> in the row of other choices.  You can click on 1:1 and move the
> visible part image around.

Thanks. I'm not getting that. here's a screenshot (browser full screen):

>> 1) The import is a bit vague - can I be sure it got all of them?
> I don't see any problem in doing this, but I don't know where the
> files are that you want to import.   And, I'm not at all familiar with
> Linux.

I suspect I haven't learnt to trust it. The import will be the same as 
any other OS - upload or drag and drop.

There seems to be a thin progress bar up top that I eventually noticed. 
I guess the thing to do is count the images and see if they tally - I 
always worry with web uploads, if it will just conk out randomly (some 
web platforms do).