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In article<>, Tim Watts<> wrote:

> >> On a tangent, but under the same topic:
> >>
> >> I just had a very quick play with Lightroom Web.
> >>
> >> It's looking rather promising. I imported some photos (jpg and Lumix RAW).
> >>
> >> I'm stuck in how to get a 1:1 preview to check focus, but other aspects
> >> are looking good. Being able to basically organise stuff and have
> >> instant access via the web and LR Mobile is cool.
> >>
> >> The editing facilities are pretty cool for a web app too.
> > 
> > they're even better in the native app.
> > 
> >> This is from someone who uses Linux and does not have the facilities to
> >> run LR Classic well
> > 
> > then it's time to upgrade to a desktop operating system so you can use
> > state of the art software, not just lightroom.
> Problem: I use Linux for my work. I have no other desktop or laptop.

you shouldn't be mixing work and play on the same system.

and if you do get a mac, you can continue to do whatever you're doing
in linux given that the mac is unix under the hood, along with running
state of the art apps such as photoshop and lightroom and much more.

if you choose windows, you'll need two systems, or have to deal with

> >> (Windows on a VM is painful).
> > 
> > anything windows is painful, but not because its running in a vm.
> > 
> > what are you using for a vm?
> > 
> Linux.

linux is not a vm.

the usual vm hosts are vmware or virtual box.

windows runs quite well in vmware, and at native speeds for almost
everything, including lightroom. 

where a vm is not suitable is for something like high end gaming, but a
true gamer would have a gaming system anyway.

alternately, dual-boot into windows, but that's a huge pain in the ass.

> >> Do we need to go to an iPad Pro to really review stuff?
> > 
> > no. lightroom runs on mac and windows, along with a lot more that is
> > unavailable for linux.
> > 
> > linux is fine for servers, but for desktop use, it's a disaster.
> Actually, it's very solid. 

i didn't say it wasn't solid. i said it's a disaster for desktop use.
the sheer lack of quality software is very limiting.

> Where it falls down is precisely this task - 
> but only this task, for me.

then you're lucky.

there is a *lot* of software not available for linux.

> However, for my workflow at the moment, it's looking like LR Web+Mobile 
> are actually very good.

indeed they are, and much better than anything available on linux.

> When it comes to retouching, I might consider a dedicated native 
> solution with a Mac in it, but I can't justify that right now (I could 
> just about justify an iPad for other reasons).

a mac is less expensive than an ipad pro.