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Subject: Inca Trail and Battery Charging
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Subject: Inca Trail and Battery Charging
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My wife and daughter are going on an Inca Trail trip to Machu Pichu next 

What are some ways to manage the lack of any way to charge devices along 
the way?

I can give them some USB power banks, though these are rather heavy to 
carry and the losses to charge one battery from another battery are 

 From what I've seen of the hand-crank USB chargers, they are really not 
practical, you'd have to stay up all night cranking just to charge a 
small battery.

There are some small solar panels that hang on a backpack, that claim to 
deliver 500mA of current, and that are about $100. These could probably 
charge a 1200mAH battery in five or six hours.

There is a wood-powered USB charger, but I don't know if it's possible 
to find fuel along the trail. This would be good to use at night, since 
solar obviously won't work. 

Or I can just buy them four or five spare camera batteries each. These 
are for compact P&S cameras, not for SLRs, and after-market batteries 
are $10 each.

Has anyone here come up with a good solution for trips of several days 
where they will not have any access to electricity?

The other suggestion I made is that we resurrect one of our many old P&S 
film cameras and that they take a bunch of film.