From: newshound <>
Subject: Re: Weird Picasa bug (only affects Lexmark printers?)
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Subject: Re: Weird Picasa bug (only affects Lexmark printers?)
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From: newshound <>
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On 27/10/2017 21:48, nospam wrote:
> In article<>,
> newshound<> wrote:
>>>> After much trial and error, I've found it is the Picasa Export which
>>>> causes the problem. If you open and then save the JPEG in Paint
>>>> (overwriting the original file) the problem goes away.
>>> that doesn't mean it's a bug in picasa.
>>> if the jpeg from picasa is valid, then it's word and/or lexmark.
>> But they behave fine with picasa files that havn't been compressed by
>> Picasa export. So I think there is something wrong in the file header
>> which either the Word print engine or the Lexmark is getting confused about.
>> And the fact that just importing the file into Paint and saving it again
>> clears the fault points to something in the JPEG.
> different doesn't mean one is wrong.
> can you post a sample jpeg exported from each app?

Well I could, but as far as I am concerned I have a fix. I can certainly 
do that if anyone confirms they would like to do some investigation. I 
was partly posting this in case anyone already knew about it, or so that 
someone Googling the same problem in the future would find it.

> the content of the photos is completely irrelevant, as long as the
> sizing issue can be duplicated.
> take a photo of something random, or even fill it with black. no need
> to share internal photos if you don't want to.

Happy to share something. With a solid black image I wouldn't be able to 
see that the process had failed.

> without examining the files, it sounds like the resolution tag, which
> is sometimes used for initial image sizing/placement in some apps, is
> set differently.

Yes, that was one of my guesses but I am not all that familiar with this 

> if that's the case, there is probably a default setting which can be
> changed.

Yes but what setting? In Word, you check page layout via print preview. 
And you expect the printer to give you the same thing (although 
occasionally a line of text spills on to the next page).
>>> how did you validate the jpeg? or did you?
>> I don't know how to.
> that would be a no. :)
Indeed. Suggestions would be useful. The export files look fine in 
several different viewers.