Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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From: David Taylor <>
Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2017 08:34:48 +0000
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On 30/10/2017 07:17, Rich A wrote:
> Wow!  Didn't know it had so many issues!  Made a horrific mess of running multiple different
displays (even with specific video card drivers), hides tons of stuff that I normally use (like
control panel). Boxes the active desktop into a frame INSIDE the main computer screen, so it's
smaller.  I'm sure there is a way around it, but I couldn't be bothered. There are myriad issues
with it, which I found out looking up problems online.  Windows 8.1 is FAR better, IMO.

Like any new program or tool, you need to spend some time learning how 
to use Windows-10 to best suit yourself.  You can easily add Control 
Panel to the start menu, if you wish (although the Control Panel is 
gradually being phased out).  I've never seen the "active desktop boxed 
in a frame" on any of my Win-10 systems, so I can't help you there.  It 
runs all my photo programs without problem - Paint Shop Pro 9 & X, 
GeoSetter, PIE Studio, JPEG Crop, etc. etc. using dual displays without 
any issues.

If you prefer a Windows-7 start menu style, try the free Classic Shell: