From: Fred McKenzie <>
Subject: Re: Slightly OT: Argus "C3" & Flash
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From: Fred McKenzie <>
Subject: Re: Slightly OT: Argus "C3" & Flash
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2017 12:27:28 -0400
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In article <ot5mts$ip0$>,
 John Turco<> wrote:

> <Note: This may not be the most appropriate Usenet photography 
> newsgroup, to post my question...however, it's the most active one, by far.>
> I have an old Argus "C3" 35mm film camera. Is there any way that I could 
> use an electronic flash unit, with it?
> Thanks, in advance!


I used electronic flash with my Argus C3 back in the 60's.  You should 
find a C3-to-PC connector adapter if you search for it.

As I recall, it was X-sync but the contact closure was early in the 
exposure, so M-sync worked for 1/25 Second shutter speed.

Reference <>, page 17.