From: Tony Cooper <>
Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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From: Tony Cooper <>
Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2017 12:42:36 -0400
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On Mon, 30 Oct 2017 15:58:39 +0000, David Taylor<> wrote:

>On 30/10/2017 14:28, Carlos E.R. wrote:
>> On 2017-10-30 08:17, Rich A wrote:
>>> Wow!  Didn't know it had so many issues!  Made a horrific mess of running multiple different
displays (even with specific video card drivers), hides tons of stuff that I normally use (like
control panel). Boxes the active desktop into a frame INSIDE the main computer screen, so it's
smaller.  I'm sure there is a way around it, but I couldn't be bothered. There are myriad issues
with it, which I found out looking up problems online.  Windows 8.1 is FAR better, IMO.
>> Maybe that's interesting, but how does your post relate to this group
>> about digital photography?
>Good question, but the resulting discussion may be helpful to those who 
>run all their digital photography software on Windows.  Contrary to Mr. 
>Anderson, I've had no problems with Win-10, and that may be an 
>encouragement to anyone considering upgrading their hardware, and 
>perhaps concerned that it comes with Win-10.

I have no idea why Rich A finds Windows 10 more difficult to work with
than his previous version.  Anyone who can't adapt to a different
version of Windows in order to access the apps he uses is a candidate
for the short bus.

Any new version of any software requires a get acquainted approach
that most of us are able to successfully negotiate in a short period
of time.

I recently commented on the new Photoshop version not having the new
Curvature Pen Tool.  I was wrong; it's there, but it wasn't where I
was expecting it to be.  I think that Adobe should have located it
with the other pen tools from the get-go, but now that I know where it
is (and was able to move it), all is well.

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida