From: MC <any@any.any>
Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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From: "MC" <any@any.any>
Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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nospam wrote:

> In article<>, PeterN
> <"peter,newdelete"> wrote:
> > > 
> > > win10 is currently running on hundreds of millions of systems.
> > > nothing is perfect, so there will be a few problems, but they're
> > > mostly minor.
> > 
> > I have Win 7 on one machine and Win10 on my laptop. I have found
> > nothing about Win10 that would induce me to upgrade.
> win10's user interface is cleaner and better designed and has
> significant internal changes, as compared with win7.
> unfortunately, win10's design language is incredibly bland, something
> an 8 year old could have come up with. perhaps there's a shortage of
> good designers in redmond and that's what really happened.
> > What I do not like is the 
> > update notification that comes, usually when I am engrossed in a 
> > project. To me it is an annoying distraction. What some claim is
> > minor, is not to others.
> that part is indeed annoying. 
> what i do is check for updates before i start doing anything so that
> it doesn't interrupt, and accept the fact that one tuesday a month
> will be a pain in the ass, especially when a major update is pushed.

Settings-Update & Security-Windows Update then select "Restart options"
and toggle off "Show more notifications".

Settings-Update & Security-Windows Update the select "Change active
hours" and choose a time window when you do not want an automatic