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Subject: Re: Weird Picasa bug (only affects Lexmark printers?)
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Subject: Re: Weird Picasa bug (only affects Lexmark printers?)
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On Friday, October 27, 2017 at 11:00:20 AM UTC-4, newshound wrote:
> I guess the serious posters here don't use Picasa, but thought it might 
> interest some lurkers or future searchers.
> I use Picasa as a cheap and cheerful filing system that provides simple 
> basic editing (mostly I only need cropping and straightening).
> I also write technical reports containing photographs of broken bits of 
> industrial plant, using Word. To keep the final file size down I tend to 
> use the Picasa "export" function to downsize the images to 1024 pixels. 
> (I know I could downsize further without affecting the printed report, 
> but this lets people pull reasonable images out of the Word file later 
> if they want to).
> My reports look fine on screen (including print preview) and print 
> perfectly on a mono Laserjet and a Brother inkjet. But I use a Lexmark 
> (CS410dn) if I want hard copies. And these exported JPEGs, when inserted 
> into Word, don't then print correctly on the Lexmark, they print in the 
> correct sized frame on the paper but the image part is enlarged, showing 
> only the top left hand corner of the image, and cropping the rest.
> After much trial and error, I've found it is the Picasa Export which 
> causes the problem. If you open and then save the JPEG in Paint 
> (overwriting the original file) the problem goes away.
> (I just had to tell someone).