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Subject: Re: Inca Trail and Battery Charging
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Subject: Re: Inca Trail and Battery Charging
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On Monday, 30 October 2017 03:36:18 UTC, nospam  wrote:
> In article<>, MC<any@any.any>
> wrote:
> > > 
> > > > The other suggestion I made is that we resurrect one of our many
> > > > old P&S film cameras and that they take a bunch of film.
> > > 
> > > then they'd have to carry a shitload of film and deal with it being
> > > nuked at the airports.
> > 
> > Not with those lead lined (or whatever they were) anti-nuke film bags.
> > I used to have three or four of them.
> <
> ortation/Do_X_Rays_Harm_My_Film/default.htm>
>   The once popular lead-lined carry bags aren't practical today because
>   if an inspector can't see through the bag, he will increase the
>   intensity of the x-ray until he can. Therefore, film may receive more
>   harmful radiation than it would otherwise if it were normally
>   inspected.
> the tsa will normally require that the film be removed from such a bag
> and put through the x-ray unprotected.
> you can ask for a hand inspection, but they don't have to oblige and
> can confiscate the film (or anything else) for any reason they want,
> 'out of an abundance of caution.'
> meanwhile, memory cards can hold many thousands of photos and
> unaffected by x-rays.

But the OP problem/concern was having enough power to write the images to memoery cards and it
doesn;t matter how many memeory cards yuo have if the camera batteries flat they aren't any use at

That would be one advantage that film has (and appropriate camera) is that you can take pictures
without any form of electrical power.