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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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In article <ot99pn$haj$>, David Taylor<> wrote:

> >> Good question, but the resulting discussion may be helpful to those who
> >> run all their digital photography software on Windows.  Contrary to Mr.
> >> Anderson, I've had no problems with Win-10, and that may be an
> >> encouragement to anyone considering upgrading their hardware, and
> >> perhaps concerned that it comes with Win-10.
> >
> > I run all that software on Windows 98se or Windows XP. It works just
> > fine. No one needs all the bloat in Windows 10. I would not touch Win10
> > if it was free.
> Good luck if those older systems are Internet connected!

yep, assuming the story is actually true. it most likely is not.

> But were you to upgrade, you wouldn't lose that software

complete nonsense. 

very little that ran in win98 will still run under windows 10. anything
that was 16 bit, you can forget entirely.

current versions of photoshop, lightroom, most other digital
photography apps and most apps in general require windows 7 at a
minimum, *maybe* win xp if the app is not particularly sophisticated.

for example, the last version of photoshop that ran in windows 98 is
photoshop 7, which will not run in windows 10 or windows 7 for that

in other words, whatever apps he's supposedly running will need to be
upgraded or replaced for win10. they will also do shitloads more.

> (unlike Apple's 
> iOS upgrades orphaning 32-bit programs).

apple didn't orphan anything. it's the developers of those apps who
have abandoned them.

for nearly all 32 bit ios apps, all a developer needs to do is
recompile it for 64 bit code and resubmit it to the app store. 

if a developer can't be bothered to do even that, then what do you
expect apple to do?