From: Eric Stevens <>
Subject: Re: On "real" photography vs collage
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From: Eric Stevens <>
Subject: Re: On "real" photography vs collage
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On Wed, 01 Nov 2017 09:49:48 -0400, nospam<nospam@nospam.invalid>

>In article <otcj1m$1160$>, Mayayana
><mayayana@invalid.nospam> wrote:
>> Interesting development apropos of last week's discussion:
>> ces-disturbing-results
>>   I can't say that I really understand this technology,
>or any other technology.

  --- aaah! Sweetness and light!
>> but it apparently uses something like an internal
>> software argument to systematically improve on a
>> result. what they've done is to generate realistic
>> faces from limited data. I could imagine this being
>> used for image improvement. Example: Feed a bad
>> photo into a program and then give it good photos
>> of the people in photo #1, with the result being
>> a "clean-up" of those faces.
>that's already happening.


Eric Stevens