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From: Democrat Daily <dribblejaws@latimes.com>
Subject: Florida woman suspects affair,finds secretly-recorded images of herself instead, cops say
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From: Democrat Daily <dribblejaws@latimes.com>
Subject: Florida woman suspects affair,
finds secretly-recorded images of herself instead, cops say
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A Florida woman who suspected her mother's live-in partner was 
having an affair got quite the surprise when she discovered 
videos of herself undressing and in the nude on a family 
computer, officials said.

Matthew Bordeaux, 48, was arrested Sunday and charged with video 
voyeurism after the woman's daughter looked at files under 
Bordeaux's profile on the family computer and discovered the man 
had taken pictures of her with two secret cameras, authorities 

The cameras were concealed inside an electrical wall socket in 
her bedroom and an AC adapter in a shared bathroom, according to 
court records obtained by the Sun Sentinel.

Bordeaux, who has lived with the mother and daughter "as a 
family" for seven years, had more than 2,500 images taken by the 
two cameras, Sunrise police said.

According to court records, the victim told investigators that 
when the three of them moved from a nearby town, Bordeaux gave 
her the wall socket to use, saying it was "too expensive" to 
leave behind.

A memory card on the device allowed Bordeaux to transfer the 
images to a computer, where he kept pictures in a folder that 
was not password-protected.

Bordeaux appeared in court Monday, where he was ordered held on 
$10,000 bond.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.