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Subject: Re: Inca Trail and Battery Charging
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Subject: Re: Inca Trail and Battery Charging
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On Wednesday, 1 November 2017 17:31:00 UTC, PeterN  wrote:
> On 11/1/2017 9:09 AM, nospam wrote:
> <snip>
> > 
> > meanwhile, those with digital cameras can shoot several thousand photos
> > on a memory card the size of a postage stamp, and in some cases, on a
> > single battery charge.
> > 
> I suppose you know Which camera they use, and whether they shoot only in 
> RAW. Good quality high capacity cards are not cheap. I would find out at 
> which points there are provisions for back ups to the cloud. I would get 
> no higher capacity cards than they estimate will be shooting in one day, 
> + a fudge factor of 25%. Bring as many cards, as days they will be away 
> from a place where they can backup to the cloud.

But there isn't a card on the market that will record if there's no power to them or the camera. So
even buying a billion 256GB cards wonlt get you any photos without power, which is why the OP was
asking about charging.
No power no photos it's a simple as that.

> As I see it power for batteries is the biggest problem.
Yep the OP realised that too.

>Depending on 
> their camera's battery usage, figure battery usage per day, and bring 
> bring enough batteries to get them to the charging station furthest from 
> the preceding station. While there is a fair amount of  planning 
> involved. it is worth doing so.

Yep which is why the OP was asking about charging and not about how many and what size memory cards
to take.

This is one of the very few advantages of having a camera that takes common size batteries such as
AA AAA, not only are you more likely to find a local shop selling AAs than  the lastest DLSR
decidated battery there's also the  chance that someone might have a spare set to lend you.

I remmeber taking the batteris (AA) out of my motor drive to power the flash once.