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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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On Thursday, 2 November 2017 16:35:38 UTC, nospam  wrote:
> In article<>,
> Whisky-dave<> wrote:
> > >Then outside
> > > hackers hack into the NSA and make them public.
> > > Federal tax dollars are funding the likes of WannaCry.
> > 
> > where did you get that info from ?
> the news. it was widely reported.

There's lots of fake news and just because something is widely reported doesn't make it true. It was
widely reported that North Korea funded wannacry.
 Tax dollars and pounds have been used to support wars and no one likes wars do they ?

> > >(Nospam thinks he's going to
> > > be safe by letting Apple or Google handle his
> > > finances.)
> > 
> > far safer than letting XP handle it.
> apple and google don't handle the user's finances at all.

If you use Applepay or the andriod equivalent, but it depends what meant by handle finances.  

> he is completely ignorant about today's technology and wishes to remain
> ignorant.

That does seem to be the case.

> >  Of course you probbaly not aware that NO Apple product was 'infected by
> > wannacry"
> yep.
> > >   The most basic issue is not about buying
> > > whatever Microsoft or Apple say you need this
> > > year.
> > 
> > Apple does charge yuo for security updates adn I donlt think MS does either,
> > you just buy a new OS.
> apple does not charge anything for security updates, nor does
> microsoft, as are new oses.

oops type I meant Apple does not charge.

> > So, some things never change.
> > even Queen Elizabeth 1st had spies working for her in the 1550s and thre
> > abouts.
> what a bitch. 

Queen Bitch, I know a song called that.

> > 
> > > It's denial on a massive scale. The main
> > > reason young people have switched to Macs is
> > > because they believe they can ignore security
> > > issues if they have a Mac.
> > 
> > Some people think a god created the earth in 6 days so what.
> some people are ignorant. so what.

It's difficult to educate the ignorant and even more difficult to educate that that don't know they
are ignorant.

> > Some believe they are safer with Macs because far fewer people using macs
> > have problems with Macs than they do with PCs.
> they too are ignorant.

But at least they are happier and correct.

> > And when anyone loks into it they find that generally speaking it's true.
> nope. 


> if someone looks into it, they find that macs are significantly more
> secure by design, not because fewer people use them.

But they aren't going to look into it  Mayayana has proved that.

They'll never be able to work out why no Mac users have been infected 
by a virus aimed at PCs.

The fact that generaly speaking Mac users are more likely to have a higher 'disposable' income,
because if they can 'waste' money on an expensive mac they are likely to have more money to spend so
why not target mac users for money rather than PC users who can't or won't spend money to protect
Or it could be that Mac users are more inteligent and that is why wannacry didn't affect mac users
but did W98 users.

> > > They just want to know how to do it without having
> > > to think.
> > Yep any computer that can run word is OK and we all know how many PC users
> > claim that yuo can;t get word for a Mac, they forget it came out on the Mac
> > first.
> the gui version did. excel and photoshop were also mac first.

Yes, but for most Word is the target application in the past.
Even in todays world more studetns ask me if word is on the PCs than any other app.

> > > We want interactive TV with unlimited fulfillment
> > > of impulses.
> > 
> > That's been the case since man worked out how to wank, and women how to
> > complain ;-)
> both do both.

But who's more famous for each ?