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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
From: Whisky-dave <>
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On Thursday, 2 November 2017 17:26:43 UTC, Mayayana  wrote:
> "Whisky-dave"<> wrote
> | > The latest version of Windows
> | > is far less safe than careful use of an old version.
> |
> | Not true, as was seen with wannacry .
> |
>   I just explained all that in great detail above. Did
> you miss that? Here's a more technical explanation:
>   Long story short, WannaCry was just a single bug
> that happened to be patched in Win10. 

Just happened to be patched how did that happen, fairy dust in the air ?

>But the
> way it attacked was through SMB -- networking
> functionality. For anyone not on a corporate network
> it doesn't need to be a risk at all.

windows computers are on corporate networks you know.

And why attack SMB ?

>   It still comes back to the same thing: As long
> as you allow remote software to run code on your
> machine, there's no possiblity of security. The
> only question is when and how you'll be compromised.

From your link.
After infecting a Windows computers, it encrypts files on the PC's hard drive, making them
impossible for users to access, then demands a ransom payment in bitcoin in order to decrypt them.

So why weren't Macs compromised ?

are yuo suggesting that Mac users have no money a scammer can remove from them by threatening or
deleting their files ?

> | >Then outside
> | > hackers hack into the NSA and make them public.
> | > Federal tax dollars are funding the likes of WannaCry.
> |
> | where did you get that info from ?
> |
>    Read the link above. Where have you been?
> This has been a scandal for awhile now. The
> NSA is developing this stuff and then it's getting
> stolen from them.

So it wasn't the NSA then was it.


Why report a typical flaw to microsoof and not apple or google or linux or unix ...
Why only report it to microsoft. ?

if this is true why did the FBI keep hassling Apple to unlock the iphone
and apple kept refusing ?


why does it only mention windows exploits.

>   If you really want to know about this then why not research
> it yourself rather than just challenging me?

"“WannaCry” is reported to have used NSA Windows Exploit that was leaked earlier." 

why do they only mention windows exploits if macs can be infected ?

> | > There's a lot of money
> | > involved. At some point it may be that *all*
> | > money is involved.
> |
> | I doubt that.
> |
>    Personally I still mail checks and walk to the bank,

I would too if my only option for on-line banking was to use XP.
I wouldn't even risk ordering a coffee on line let alone something more expensive.

> but I know a lot of people who do nearly everything
> electronically. Direct deposit, automatic withdrawal,
> credit cards and debit cards to buy food and other
> necessities. 

I do, but not using windows.

>That's all going over computer networks
> and being stored in online databases. Gas pump,
> ATM and supermarket checkout skimmers, malware
> installed through online ads....

using windows exploits yes so why use a computer running windows ?

> That's high-level,
> professional stuff because there's a lot of money
> to be made. It's a far cry from the teenage prank
> malware of the 90s.

Yes and the vast majority targets windows users.

So explain to me why you'd buy a computer that runs an OS that scammers commonly target and destroy
files on those computers.

> |
> | >(Nospam thinks he's going to
> | > be safe by letting Apple or Google handle his
> | > finances.)
> |
> | far safer than letting XP handle it.
> |
>     Good luck with that. Your attitude is exactly
> what the crooks (and the companies that want
> to sell you a "wallet") want you to think.

No they are targeting idiots that don't update their systems or software.
It's your attitude that the crook like, by using outdated software.

> | > want to buy stuff online, do our banking, adjust
> | > our home thermometer.... The "Internet of Things"
> | > is becoming a new,
> |
> | I know there's a course on the subject running outside my office.
> | It's not realy a computer thing it about embeded devices rather than the 
> computer and its OS.
> |
>   Not really a computer thing?! IoT is about Internet-
> connected devices. Computer devices. Networked devices.
> Using internal computers.

yes NOT yuor home computer with it OS.

> Your iPhone talks to your front
> door lock.

Mine doesn't.

But if it did and someone hacked into it, they'd be hacking into the lock NOT my iPhone.

> Your car keys talk to your car. Once you've
> done that, it can be hacked.

So yuo needd to keep those systems upto date.

And of course NO car ever got stolen using conventiaal keys or bricks through the windows.
No one ever managed to hot wire any car have they.

> Those have been hacked.
> As more and more things become unnecessarily automated
> and computerized, it becomes increasingly easy to break
> things.

Not it doesn;t in the middle ageas anyone with a file could hack the first locks
and today it's pretty easy to break into a luggage padlock.

 >World War 3 might just start with a cyberattack
> that causes all driverless cars to accelerate uncontrollably,

yeah sure and no two cars will crash into each other either and they wonlty hit walls they'll just
chase people around the streets, sounds like a crap B or C movie.
What actually happend is that old peole that can no longer drive safely are killing people far more
than technology has through someone hacking into a car.
 America should worry more about haning guns to just about anyone than some mater criminal hacking
into every car on the road asn setting them of to kill peole to start WW3, trump is far more likely
to start WW3 than any hacker.

> killing millions in seconds and leaving the national infrastructure
> unusable. And why? It's all such unnecessary idiocy.

by people not updating their security.

I suppose you;d suggest re-installing the old style jails of teh wild west where there are keys kept
on large keyrings because they can;t be hacked.

> | >  Why
> | > are they hackable? Because people think it's
> | > clever to unlock your house from your cellphone.
> |
> | Most don't do that as yet.
> |
>    Yes. *Most* don't do *that* yet. So you can
> probably go back to sleep. Sorry to wake you. :)
> But check This Old house sometime. They're installing
> them. They think they're clever.

Clever than you which isnlt saying much.
Stick with XP stick with your old 2 level mortice lock don't upgrade to a 3, 5 or 7 level lock,
because 2 lever are easy to hack.