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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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In article <othskk$146l$>, Mayayana<mayayana@invalid.nospam> wrote:

>   I don't know about you but my compter isn't.
> I've disabled networking functions and blocked
> risky ports. By networking I don't mean connecting
> to the Internet. I mean being part of a network,
> with things like remote running of software, file
> sharing, etc.

the 1980s wants you back.

>    The corporate model is like a house with no
> front door lock but a lock on every cabinet and
> door inside. The network is trused. The person
> using the computer is not. The SOHo model is
> the opposite. The person using the computer is
> trusted but the Internet is not. Windows is designed
> to be a corporate workstation. Highly risky networking
> functionality that most people don't need is enabled
> by default.

one reason why it's so vulnerable.

> | So why weren't Macs compromised ?
>   Macs are safer because Apple closely controls the
> system. 


it's because macs are inherently more secure and it's a *lot* harder to
compromise them.

> Macs are the AOL of computers.

meaningless idiocy.

> You get
> less control but in exchange you get more stability
> and security without needing to understand it. 

nonsense. there's as much control as the user wants to exert.

this has been explained to you before. 

> Macs
> are also a very small minority of computers. 

not really. 

for photography, video and graphic arts, macs are very widespread.

for other segments, they're not.

pick the best tool for the job.

only ignorant consumers would buy based on popularity rather than how
well it can handle a given task.

> Big with
> phones, but almost non-existent in places like
> hospitals and police depts and other corporate locations
> being attacked.

wrong, but even if that's true, so what?

mcdonald's sells the most hamburgers. that doesn't mean they're any

>   But be patient. Macs will get their chance, I'm sure.

they're doing exceptionally well, despite your protesting.