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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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"Alfred Molon"<> wrote

| 3.34% according to
| 10&qpcustomd=0

  That's pretty good. There are almost as many Mac
users as XP. :) Though probably not. Many of us
XP users travel incognito as Win7. And of course
*a lot* of XP machines will be in business uses,
not connected online.

  There are a lot of stat variations, though, depending
on whether you look at US or world and which monitor
you look at. Shopping sites are likely to be a little
higher in terms of Macs. Tech sites will be higher
for Windows. Victoria's Secret? Who knows.

  Whisky-dave may think an iPad counts as a desktop.
Counting tablets would surely bring up the Apple count.
And of course counting phones would increase the Apple

   I saw an article awhile back about a gov't website.
I don't remember now which one it was, but they were
recording far more Win10 visitors on weekends than
on weekdays. They concluded that it was in line with
corporate moves: Business is avoiding Win10 but with
retail computers people don't have much choice.

 Win10 was released in 7/15. That means it's more than
2/3 through the standard Windows lifecycle of 3 years.
Yet it's still way behind Win7, which came out in 2010.
Not to mention that Win10 has been offered as a free
upgrade to almost everyone. But if they get reasonable
and start offering to pay for making people see ads and
put up with spyware then I'd guess they could probably
get their share up, at least even with Win7. Well...
they might have to throw in 6 Ronco steak knives, too.
I might use it for a monthly payment plus free
kitchenware. :)