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On Nov 5, 2017, Rich A wrote
(in article<>):

> On Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 7:33:04 PM UTC-4, rwalker wrote:
> > Haven't checked in here in a long time. Greetings to all the
> > regulars. I've got a Vivitar cicular polarizer (77 mm) stuck to a
> > Firecrest IRND 18 sunfilter (77 mm). They seem to have become welded
> > together. Any advise on how to get them apart. Tried putting on some
> > heavy duty latex surgical gloves and seeing if that would give me a
> > better grip, but no use. Any suggestions?.
> Cast a flat piece of ice in the fringe, put one side of the filter on it for
> a few minutes. The one filter will shrink as it gets cold and possibly loosen
> up enough to screw off the other one.

Think about it. The only area you will be able to get to is going to be the 
outer, or female thread which is trapping the innner, or male thread. Icing 
it will cause contraction, making the connection even tighter. Hell! You 
might as well have said, heat it with a butane torch, or spray it down with 

The actual answer is to get the right tool, a filter wrench. However, 
sometimes that might not be available, so if you are going to improvise, do 
so with a little thought.


A non-filter wrench method is to take a nylon cable tie to use tightened 
around the outside of the filter and use it like the wrench, that has worked 
for me in a pinch, and doesn’t damage anything.