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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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On Friday, 3 November 2017 21:31:47 UTC, Alfred Molon  wrote:
> In article<>, 
> Whisky-dave says...
> > about 14% but it varies depending on how you count them.
> 3.34% according to
> 10&qpcustomd=0

as I said depends how you count them.
If you look around at what people choose to use you'll find Apple share is much higher. Where PCs
sell more is in the low end range, my dentist has a PC they haven;t even got a colour monitor, the
only graphics is the dentists logo most peoples smartphone is more advanced than their PC, so yes
there are far more low end PCs out there, but there's also more piss pots in the world than ensuite
toilets I know which I prefer. I bet more people dig a hole and shit in it than have running water
and toilet facilities too.

Not the above is also looking at operating-system-market-share.

As I said there are other ways of looking at it.
One is how many computers are actually still working compared with how many sold.
At work I'm still using a Mac from 2011 if this was a PC it'd be thrown out by now and a new one
brought like the ones in the lab after about 2 years get replaced.
So yes we buy more PCs because we thrown more out per year as not being fit for purpose.
 If we look at a more relible source of data we can also track growth.


But they'll always be more hamburgers sold than prime steaks and I haven't been in macDs since ~1996
and I really don't miss it either.