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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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On Friday, 3 November 2017 22:17:08 UTC, Mayayana  wrote:
> "Alfred Molon"<> wrote
> | 3.34% according to
> |
> | 10&qpcustomd=0
>   That's pretty good. There are almost as many Mac
> users as XP. :) 

NO there's far more and that site was looking at OS's not hardware.

Look at the market share for working OS's

>Though probably not. Many of us
> XP users travel incognito as Win7. And of course
> *a lot* of XP machines will be in business uses,
> not connected online.

a lot will be used in 3rd world countries too.

>   There are a lot of stat variations, though, depending
> on whether you look at US or world and which monitor
> you look at. Shopping sites are likely to be a little
> higher in terms of Macs. Tech sites will be higher
> for Windows. Victoria's Secret? Who knows.
>   Whisky-dave may think an iPad counts as a desktop.

No it doesn't and most people arentl buying desktops.
But my brother brought a PC, but prefers using his ipad which is older than his PC.

> Counting tablets would surely bring up the Apple count.
> And of course counting phones would increase the Apple
> count.

If you count computing devices as many peole now use a smartphone rather than a computer sitting on
a desk for email and ordering.

going further.

According to a Stack Overflow "Web Developer Survey Results 2016" survey, English-speaking users'
"Desktop Operating System"-preference for web-development use is the following (and "by next year's
survey fewer than 50% of developers may be using Windows" – that is, for 2017):[83]

Microsoft Windows: 52.02%    
Apple: 26.2%
Linux kernel based: 21.7%

Looking at device shipments

Android     54.16%
iOS/macOS   12.37%
Windows     11.79%
Other 	    21.66%
OS Device Shipments, Gartner[21]

>    I saw an article awhile back about a gov't website.
> I don't remember now which one it was, but they were
> recording far more Win10 visitors on weekends than
> on weekdays. They concluded that it was in line with
> corporate moves: Business is avoiding Win10 but with
> retail computers people don't have much choice.

As with most things people tend to go for the cheapest option unless they know what they want.