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Subject: Re: Geotagging app
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Subject: Re: Geotagging app
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"nospam"<nospam@nospam.invalid> wrote

| iphones have a gps, which can show altitude if it's tracking 4 or more
| gps satellites, just as any gps would.

  A quick look around seems to indicate that the GPS
altitude used in cellphones is not very accurate. I
found this, that shows reasonably good results:

  But those results are better than what I saw,
with a report varying by 50% in the same spot at
almost the same time.

   Google Maps seems to be accurate, to the
extent I've used it, but I've only done limited
testing. I guess it depends on how much accuracy
matters to people. I wouldn't want a photo to tell
me I was on a 200' cliff when it was really 30', but
if one only cares in the 1000' range that won't be
a problem.