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On 11/6/2017 8:41 AM, Mayayana wrote:
> "PeterN" <"peter,newdelete"> wrote
> | I do it the easy way. I take a snap of the location with my iPhone. All
> | relevant information is recorded.
> |
>    For what it's worth, I got curious and looked at
> some photos a friend took at Mt Desert Island last
> year, on an iPhone 6. The lat/long seems to be
> very close, within yards. The altitude, however,
> is not so accurate. A photo of me looking at a rock
> on the beach recorded altitude 4.53 meters
> (14.8 feet). Another shot taken in the same
> spot (within a few feet on a nearly flat beach)
> shows 6.6 meters (21.6 feet).
> This photo...

I remember that area well. I like the fog you caught. Was the camera 
level when you took that shot?

> ...shows 58.84 meters (193 feet). We were probably
> 30-40 feet above the water. There may be variation,
> accounting for tides, but it still seems to be inflated
> by about 500% and/or to some extent arbitrary. How
> can it vary by 50% in the same spot with pictures
> taken a few minutes apart? I don't know. Perhaps
> different info sources? Maybe a change in cell towers
> that caused variations in location?
>    It might be worthwhile to check some known altitudes
> and maybe check those against Google before depending
> on the stats. (Though I don't know what one depends on
> them for. Why does anyone care about altitude stats
> except, maybe, when mountain climbing?)

On my last trip there, several years ago, I was climbing down Cadillac 
Mountain to catch the sunrise. My leg collapsed, I sat down and skidded, 
using my tripod to give me more friction. Luckily I stopped a few yards 
from the drop-off.

After I found I wasn't broken, I took this to see if the camera worked.