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Subject: Re: Geotagging app
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On 2017-11-06 05:29, Tim Watts wrote:
> On 04/11/17 21:17, Alan Browne wrote:
>> If you record GPS continuously then tagging any number of photos after 
>> the fact takes a minute to set up and a few seconds to execute using a 
>> tool like exiftool or any one of a variety of GUI based tools.
>> exiftool -geotag=GPS_20171103_162238.log -overwrite_original_in_place 
>> -geosync=-4:00:00 *.dng
>> (Just need to navigate to the folder containing the dng's before 
>> executing the command.  I keep a "template" of the command in a text 
>> file so I just need to paste that into terminal, modify the gps file 
>> name and let 'er rip).
>> Recording the position in a single shot is a fine backup, but pretty 
>> tedious if you have 50 - 100 photos to tag afterwards.
> That is useful - I've used exiftool before, but this is either new or I 
> have not noticed this feature...

Many years.

> What particular app do *you* use for recording travel geo points?

I use either a dedicated GPS recorder (AMOD) or my iPhone or both.

On the iPhone I can use several apps but have tended to use Trails - as 
I mentioned in my first reply to the OP.