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Subject: Re: Geotagging app
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Subject: Re: Geotagging app
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"PeterN" <"peter,newdelete"> wrote

| >
| I remember that area well. I like the fog you caught. Was the camera
| level when you took that shot?

   I didn't take it. A friend did. With an iPhone 6. Those
things amaze me. They seem to do all sorts of auto-editing
internally to produce an image with great clarity and
great lighting. But the Exif data doesn't seem to mention
anything about what filters are (or are not) applied.

| On my last trip there, several years ago, I was climbing down Cadillac
| Mountain to catch the sunrise. My leg collapsed, I sat down and skidded,
| using my tripod to give me more friction. Luckily I stopped a few yards
| from the drop-off.
| After I found I wasn't broken, I took this to see if the camera worked.
| <

  Very atmospheric. It looks like a Mars rover shot....
that elusive water. :)