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On Nov 6, 2017, Mayayana wrote
(in article <otqfdh$1ki8$>):

> "PeterN"<"peter,newdelete">  wrote
> > >
> >
> > I remember that area well. I like the fog you caught. Was the camera
> > level when you took that shot?
> I didn't take it. A friend did. With an iPhone 6. Those
> things amaze me. They seem to do all sorts of auto-editing
> internally to produce an image with great clarity and
> great lighting. But the Exif data doesn't seem to mention
> anything about what filters are (or are not) applied.

I would say that you got that image SOOC.

The only filters applied should be those chosen by the photographer, 
otherwise, if unedited, you should get the iPhone photo as shot. There are 
many iOS and Android apps which such as Snapseed, VSCO, Filmborn, and others 
which provide all sorts of filters.
> > On my last trip there, several years ago, I was climbing down Cadillac
> > Mountain to catch the sunrise. My leg collapsed, I sat down and skidded,
> > using my tripod to give me more friction. Luckily I stopped a few yards
> > from the drop-off.
> >
> > After I found I wasn't broken, I took this to see if the camera worked.
> > <
> Very atmospheric. It looks like a Mars rover shot....
> that elusive water. :)