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Subject: Re: Apple fires iPhone X engineer after idiot "LOOK @ME!" daughter's hands-on video goes viral
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Subject: Re: Apple fires iPhone X engineer after idiot "LOOK @ME!" daughters hands-on video goes viral
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On Nov 6, 2017, nospam wrote
(in article<071120170107575890%nospam@nospam.invalid>):

> In article<>,
> Savageduck <savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}>  wrote:
> > > I like the Youtube videos where they shoot iPhones with .50 caliber rifles.
> >
> > A .50 BMG hitting any phone, iPhone or Android is without question, going to
> > destroy it.
> unless you have one of these:
> <>
> The armored case features an inch of solid steel embedded in the
> back, which is what gives the phone cover its bulletproof ability. To
> attach the case, the phone has to literally be bolted in using an
> Allen wrench. Marudai also claim that a bullet hitting one of the
> bolts will still leave your iPhone undamaged. But while the back of
> the case is solidly protected, the front screen is still completely
> uncovered so the phone's touchscreen can still be used.

The first question is; why would anybody carry a 4.5 Lb phone?

The second is: why wouldn’t you shoot at the screen side of that case?