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On Tue, 7 Nov 2017 11:01:57 +1100, Noons<>

>They were warned quite a few times that dumping on their long term users 
>was a BAD idea...
>Buh-bye, Nikon.
>You were once good, but...

I don't know the details of what Nikon is doing in Brazil but I expect
a major factor in whatever they are doing is the horrendous state of
the economy and internal conditions within Brazil. See
  "A political crisis that, along with declines in commodity prices, 
   contributed to a sharp contraction of the economy has undermined 
   consumer and investor confidence. Brazil’s fiscal condition has 
   been severely compromised by a combination of high inflation, 
   political paralysis, and widening budget deficits that have 
   elevated the burden of public debt.

   The state’s interference in the economy has been heavy. The 
   efficiency and overall quality of government services remain poor 
   despite high government spending. Implementation of any reform 
   program has proven difficult. Barriers to entrepreneurial activity 
   include burdensome taxes, inefficient regulation, poor access to 
   long-term financing, and a rigid labor market. The judicial system 
   remains vulnerable to corruption.

.... and look at the economic data for the last few years:


Eric Stevens