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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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Subject: Re: Windows 10. Horrible!
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On Monday, 6 November 2017 12:14:14 UTC, android  wrote:
> In article<>,
>  Whisky-dave<> wrote:
> > Looking at device shipments
> > 
> > Android     54.16%
> > iOS/macOS   12.37%
> > Windows     11.79%
> > Other 	    21.66%
> > OS Device Shipments, Gartner[21]
> It's really not fair nor useful to compare mobile devices and tabs with 
> proper PCs.

what's a proper PC  and why not if people like my brother are using a tablet rather than their PC. 

> PCs empower the GP while tabs 'n pads depower it. 

No they don't.

>No solution at all for 
> those that want to do more than read webmail and communicate with HMHS 
> and such, 

of which there are fewer and fewer.

What about teh millions of PCs sitting on hotel reception and all they do is log who;'s currenty
occupying the rooms.

What about the 10 tabs we brought so we could registar the students in a classroon rathe rthan
having to send them all in a qute to a central room to registar their attendance. Is it really
better to have ONE PC or 10 tabs to do the same job. The tabs were cheap £50 kindles, so far
cheaper than having ONE PC operated by ONE person with 400 odd students queueing for registaration.

>sort of . Phones are gadgets on the side, useful on the go but 
> do not replace PCs...

Phones are phones, PCs are PCs.
It is far easier for us to get the students to photograph their hardware with a phone than with a PC.
When the studetsn come and ask me for device X or Y they show me on their phone what sot of thing
they are looking for I don;t want them brining in their desktop PC into the lab.