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Subject: Re: Apple fires iPhone X engineer after idiot "LOOK @ME!" daughter's hands-on video goes viral
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Subject: Re: Apple fires iPhone X engineer after idiot "LOOK @ME!" daughters hands-on video goes viral
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On Nov 7, 2017, Whisky-dave wrote
(in article<>):

> On Tuesday, 7 November 2017 10:54:44 UTC, android wrote:


> >
> > You use facetime all the time right? :-ppp
> I've used it once and that was it, I've used skype less than 10 times in
> total I don;t likke video calls and aviod them when I can.

Both Facetime, and Skype, using either video, and/or audio only calls can be 
useful, and a valuable tool.

I use Facetime, and/or Skype everyday. I have a daily, 20 minute to an hour 
+, Facetime video call with my 94 year old father. Most of my other calls are 
are not video, just audio.

I have a good friend who lives in Nashville, and is in the music business, he 
also uses FT and Skype, depending on where he is, and what he might be using, 
we will speak once or twice a week via FT, or Skype audio call. He uses the 
Skype ’screen sharing’ feature for business between Nashville and NYC, or