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Subject: Re: Blurred photo?
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Subject: Re: Blurred photo?
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On 07/11/2017 18:03, nospam wrote:
> In article <>, Scott Schuckert
><> wrote:
>>> Blurred photo? Instead of deleting it, software could make it sharp again
>>> The end of low res and blurry images could be nigh.
>>> enhancenet-sharpens-photos-11364227072791
>> Sorry, that's not a "photograph". It's an eye-pleasing reconstruction,
>> filling in details that don't actually exist. (³automated texture
>> synthesis² that aims to recreate realistic textures in images)
> *all* photographs have some amount of what you call eye-pleasing
> reconstruction and filling in details that don't actually exist.
> computational photography is the next big thing.

But not the "image enhancement" that we first saw in Blade Runner and is 
now almost obligatory in every forensic crime laboratory drama.