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On 11/6/2017 7:44 PM, Davoud wrote:
> Tony Cooper:
>> The newspaper in a small town near here has these two Macs on display
>> in the lobby.  The desktop unit looks like it could be used by the
>> "Jetsons".
> Yeah, Mac users love their vintage machines. I have an SE/30 from 1989.
> It was doing pro-level WYSIWYG DTP while DOS users were staring at the
> C:/ prompt and trying to configure autoexec.bat.

I don't miss my II. i used it only for Visicalc, and printed the results 
on an Epson dot matrix printer. IIRC I paid about $4,200 for the Apple, 
Visicalc and the printer. To say prices have dropped is an understatement.