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On 2017-11-06 19:44, Davoud wrote:
> Tony Cooper:
>> The newspaper in a small town near here has these two Macs on
>> display in the lobby.  The desktop unit looks like it could be used
>> by the "Jetsons". 
> Yeah, Mac users love their vintage machines. I have an SE/30 from
> 1989. It was doing pro-level WYSIWYG DTP while DOS users were staring
> at the C:/ prompt and trying to configure autoexec.bat.

Funny - in 1989 I was using PC's for real time recording of flight data 
from several sensors, displaying the current data and computing various 
derivative products.  Also used PC's to host signal processors to 
synthesize complex waveforms to test various systems.  The PC had to 
coordinate all this at 25 frames per second across several processors. 
(The PC would compute the "terms" of the next frame and interrupt the 
SP's at the right time and pass the data to them to do the heavy lifting).

I was a very early Windows user at 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.  It started to be 
"right" when 3.1 came out.  Far from perfect, but hosted a decent (and 
an atrocious) WYSIWYG word processor.  (Sometimes "What You So Intensely 
Wished You'd Gotten in the 2nd case).  Spreadsheets like 1-2-3 under Win 
3.1 were fine.

Nothing wrong with DOS, IMO.  (Win 1 thru 3 were "DOS" products IMO).